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The Login was developed by KanTime Medicare to facilitate simple access to a patient’s medical data. Patients who sign into Kantime Medicare can view their health data, prescriptions, and other important information about their treatment.

KanTime Medicare

By entering their credentials, authorised individuals are granted entry to this Kantime patient site. KanTime’s real-time tracking of your paperwork via active surveillance ensures that your data is always safe and up-to-date. KanTime streamlines your agency’s operations from top to bottom. Our products and services help you focus on what you do best: providing excellent treatment to your customers.

Check Out The App Features

A comprehensive point-of-care solution, KanTime Ice extends your practise management system to allow your clinicians to finish all clinical paperwork from any location, whether they have internet access or not.

Having complete confidence in the accuracy of all clinical paperwork is a major way in which this software can boost your business’s efficiency. It enables you to function in a location far from an online connection. All paperwork can be created without an internet link, saved locally on the device, and then synced with the server at a later time.


  • It’s simple to pick up and use.
  • It can be used in either an internet or offline setting.
  • Makes sure your documentation gets done quickly, so your doctor can spend more time with you and less time filling out forms.
  • Sync your info with a single click.
  • Using your organisation’s business standards, intelligent validation guarantees that all recorded data is accurate.
  • Very safe.

Seventy-five percent of users who brought up authorization said that the app immediately linked their insurance verification to providers, which sped up the customer authorization procedure.