KanTime streamlines your agency’s operations from top to bottom. Our products and services help you focus on what you do best: providing excellent treatment to your customers.

KanTime Medicare

KanTime is compatible with all POS systems and can be used both online and offline. KanTime Medicare also offers powerful business analysis tools for reviewing and acting on a wide range of clinical, budgetary, and functional key performance indicators.

Here Are Some Connection Resources

Software for Home Health Care Planning

Using our cutting-edge Kantime Healthcare home care scheduling software, you can delegate arranging duties while decreasing contact and error. Our improved scheduling interface lessens the risk of misunderstanding, leading to better patient treatment.

Monitoring Drug Prescriptions

A medicinal prescription can be placed, transported, and tracked with ease thanks to this consolidated platform. KanTime Medicare makes it easier to submit claims and provides smarter monitoring.

Controlling Approvals and Citations

You can make better, more value-based choices if you collect patient input from your reference sources in one central location.

Physical Examining

Find the causes of customer complaints quickly, even before the job is done. With the help of our medical qualifying verification tools, your organisation can eliminate tedious repetitive tasks, improve efficiency, and guarantee payment.

The Need for In-Advance Insurance Approval

One of the most troublesome parts of monitoring providers’ workflow is the need for manual input of insurance pre-authorization. Our method expedites the approval process for managers, allowing them to provide care to patients sooner.

Coding and Billing in Health Care

Billing and labelling in the medical industry are essential. Utilize cutting-edge medical invoicing software to streamline your organisation’s revenue cycle and ensure timely payment for all rendered services.

Maintenance Of Service Quality

With the rise of evidence-based and performance-based medicine, your organisation requires a method that actively works to ensure the highest standards of treatment and the best potential outcomes for patients. KanTime aids in delivering high-quality results.